Wednesday, December 19

The reality of it all...

Today it is cookie baking day, in our house. Now this is usually a task I like to do on the weekend, where my kids can help me for - let's say 10 minutes tops, before they are bored and can think of a ton of other, more fun things to do than bake cookies. But the swim meet this weekend, left me without a choice but to make this a during the week project. So in between trucking the kids to school this morning, and Garrin's noon time swim lesson, and then again before I pick up at school and make the pool run - I need to pretty much, scream out as many cookies as possible.

Here is batch number 1.

Now before I go any further - click here to see my sister-in-law's posting on her blog yesterday. She too made cookies and had a great time with my nephew James, with their baking experience. Adorable pictures, capturing a special moment between mother and son!!
OK, now back to me.
It is just not like that here this morning. Garrin sometimes shows interest in helping in the kitchen, but being I am short on time, short on patience, and short on the sheer joy of this job, I have put no pressure on him to be part of this experience. As I began, he enjoyed a quick breakfast of a Hostess cake of some sort and some chocolate chip muffins with an orange juice to wash it all down. He then caught a quick episode of Little Einsteins. Me, well I am mixing, measuring, scraping, melting, draining, sifting, creaming etc etc etc.
Next Garrin played chase with the dog. He zoomed around the kitchen on his ride on car, screaming and driving after the dog in the hopes of clipping her hind legs, I'm sure. How fun for him. Then things got quiet for a while. I knew it - he was in HANNAH'S ROOM.
Here he is.



Jerolyn said...

not ONE mark on the carpet! AWESOME!!!!

Tutta la Storia said...

Jackson Pollock LOOK OUT!