Friday, December 14

Putting things in perspective

So I definitely admit to having a problem doing it....putting things in perspective. I am writing about my thoughts on this after today's swim meet.

Hannah swam two events today - 100 Breaststroke and 100 Butterfly. Both strokes she calls - "her best" strokes. So she swims the breaststroke and swims her seed time. So I say - "how is this possible? you have been working so hard at workout, and you haven't dropped time on this in a while." was a good swim. So she then swims the 100 Butterfly and again, swims her seed time. She is disappointed and we talk about it a bit more. Whatever......great swim.

So we are packing up and talking a little about the meet tomorrow and Hannah says she is going to work even harder on trying to drop some time.

It takes me until I get home to realize the following:

1. Hannah placed 5th in the 100 Breaststroke out of 40 girls. Not too shabby.
2. She placed 5th in the 100 Butterfly out of 31 girls. Ditto!
3. She is swimming with girls that are HUGE compared to her tiny little body.
4. She had all her Junior Olympic qualifying times over this past summer for the upcoming Spring JO's that are in February.
5. The goals she has had for herself for the past few months are National Record Times and Southern California Record Times - she has achieved all others already.
6. She goes to workout 6 days a week, ready willing and able to work hard for 2 hours without one complaint.
7. She has maintained straight A's in school.
8. She has many friends, and is a good friend to all of her teammates.
9. She is always there to cheer on everyone - even those that are on other teams.
10. And lastly - she wears a suit for racing that is so stinking tight it leaves marks on her skin. (see photo above)

I love her dedication to this sport. She has taught ME so much through all of this, and I love her for that even more. I am proud to be a swim mom and am pleased with myself when I do put it all into perspective. That makes her an even bigger winner in my book, when I do that.

Love you Hannah. You rock! Looking forward to tomorrow.

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Jerolyn said...

She is so talented and has so much to be proud about! Sometimes it just takes us moms longer to realize that~we're human.