Monday, December 31

I'm seeing a trend here..

I felt I should add my own, after the holiday shopping experience. Everyone surely has experienced the insanely long lines for returns, new purchases of stuff that is now on clearance, the crowded parking lots, even more crowded malls etc etc. Well, we opted to put ourselves smack-dab in the middle of all this excitement yesterday. The kids wanted to spend their gift cards and truly, I felt, we made them wait long enough, seeing as they of course, wanted to do this the day AFTER Christmas. So off to the mall we went.

So while we were at Tilly's and Hannah was picking out a few new things (thanks Auntie Kimmy and Uncle Dennis!), here is Garrin:

Yup, strips his shirt right off, in the middle of the store. The fun part was trying to get it back on. I was contemplating keeping it off, because the ruckus he was creating, was even more embarrassing than if he was on the ground, arching his back, kicking and screaming. (sound familiar anyone???) Now I know you can't tell by the picture, but he took his shoes off also.

After all the fun, 5 people can endure, we left the mall for Best Buy. or Connor Heaven. Which ever you prefer. Thanks to all of you that gave my son Best Buy gift cards, after all the Playstation games, and DS games he was able to purchase with ALL THAT MONEY, now we won't see him, until next Monday when he goes back to school. (Now if I can only get him to clean his room today....we are golden. Everything will stay nice and tidy for the rest of the week!) Now we are done, Hannah is miserable because she is out of gift cards and we are headed home, to nap after all that commotion.

After a nice homemade dinner of Rice Crispies, I made all of us steaming cups of hot chocolate with a (homemade, no seriously, it was homemade and not from the bottle) whipped-creamy topping.

Garrin was really enjoying his........

And what better way to take pleasure in a cup of hot cocoa than.....