Monday, December 10

I just threw up in my mouth...

On Friday, Hannah came out from school carrying a fish bowl with her friend William's betta fish that he is using for his 5th grade Science Fair project - which I don't know why, but she was babysitting it for the weekend. I took one look at the water and thought - He doesn't need you to babysit it, he just wants you to clean the bowl, is all.

Anyway, the fish disappeared into Hannah's room all weekend. How appropriate though - a dirty fish bowl in and even dirtier bedroom. I am sure Mr. Fishy felt right at home.

Long story longer - Down comes the bowl this morning, and in the natural flow of how our school mornings are around here, Hannah realizes, with a panic, that the bowl needs to be cleaned before she leaves.

So I tend to that little chore (even though when the kids got their bettas, I said it would be only under the condition that they THEY yes THEYYYY take care of it).

As I am getting ready to pour the little guy back into the bowl of fresh clean water, I am trying to pour out what little, dirty and poopy water he is left floating in. Low and behold - he falls down the drain............

I'll be damned, if EVERY time I clean the kids bowls, I say to myself - "self...this would just be easier if you spend the $1.05 on a little bitty net. I hope the fish doesn't wind up down the drain.......................(gulp)..."

So as I am throwing up in my mouth - I am trying to reach down the garbage disposal, wishing I was little enough to see what it actually looks like inside a garbage disposal, so I can tell if there are little holes that Mr. Fishy could possibly fall through while I am trying to reach his little slimy body with my fingers. And as I count down what seemed to be minutes, but were probably seconds, I was also wondering - Gee, how long can he stay out of water before dying, in case I can actually get him out of here.

Well, all is well in Science Fair Project land for William. Thank GOD. I am going to PetSmart today to buy a net.


Jerolyn said...

At least you fished it out~remember the story Maggie told her entire kindergarten class?
"Let's ask Maggie a few questions about herself like....
"Maggie do you have any pets?"

"We used to have a fish but my mom accidentally dropped it down the drain when she was cleaning the bowl and then she turned on the garbage disposal!"


"How did the fish go down the drain"

"My mom did it"
"So you saying the fish went down the drain and your mom turned on the garbage disposal?"


"Class let's ask Maggie something different about herself other than the fish" (her mom murdered)

"Ummmmmmmmmmm, Did the fish DIE???"

Tutta la Storia said...

Uhh . . did someone say bleach?

Chris said...

i wish I had been there to hit that button....not while your fingers were in there of course.

Banana the swimmer said...

hahahaha. lopez let his fish flop around