Monday, December 3

HOA - HomeOwners Association

Most of you know, but for those who don't, HOA's are "management companies" for communities. We pay them a crazy amount of money each month, and there are rules we have to follow to keep our neighborhood looking nice. Things such as garbage cans have to be brought in within a certain amount of time, trees and plants need to be fresh and trimmed, no garbage laying about - so on and so forth. This makes absolute sense. Most of the time.

Our association does the above, and likes to screw with you all at the same time. We have been cited for our watering hose not being coiled up properly, and have been fined for not painted a part of the house that shouldn't be painted. They take their sweet a$$ time, approving landscaping that the companies are usually out of business by the time you get the go-ahead. We now have to post a $3000 bond if any large truck comes to do work in our yard. Crap like that - that just really sets a "tone" in this community and with me as well. (go figure)

So as much as they like to screw with us - I like to play the game back a little too. I leave the hose out a little too long, or a little piece of plastic among the plants, the new phone book out by the front door for a bit. So here is the front of the house right now.

I was hoping to get a citation for the Fall Decor that is still up. Here is a close up of the mum and pumpkin. That's grounds for a hefty fine, isn't it?

Nobody wanted to play - so I guess I will have to just put out the Christmas decorations.


Anonymous said...

You KILL me!!!! I love it!!! You go girl & enjoy being devious! Your friend in CO :)

See, I do read your blog. Only because my husband is at your house & mine is actually quiet right now!

Tutta la Storia said...

AWESOME! I think you need a few cars up on blocks in the yard!

Jerolyn said...

Maybe a load of ice cream scoops dumped in the middle of your driveway atop some cheese graters and over priced cutting boards!!!!