Saturday, December 1

Connor has I.D.D.

Insanity -

1. lack of reason or good sense: extreme foolishness, or an act that demonstrates such foolishness
2. psychiatric condition affecting legal circumstances: legal incompetence or irresponsibility that results from a psychiatric disorder
3. getting up at 7am to go to the OUTDOOR pool and swim in a meet, after it has rained all night and is freezing cold and windy

Determination -

1. firmness of purpose: firmness of purpose, will, or intention, full of ambition and determination
2. fixed purpose: a fixed purpose or resolution, her determination to succeed
3. going to the pool even though it is 40 degrees out, knowing that it is about 80 degrees in the pool

Dedication -

1. devotion: the quality of being devoted or committed to something
2. making me proud that he loves this sport as much as he does even though he added time to all of his events today....

I love you, Connor.

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Anonymous said...

Nice job Connor!! Hard to improve on your times with your toes frozen??? You should have stayed in Colorado.............62 & beautiful today. 65ish tomorrow. Maybe you should come back so it will snow again.