Thursday, December 6

Boys will be boys....

I just want Allison to know that James is being a good boy while he is here. Here is a picture of the two boys, sitting side by side. Look how cute. Now granted they are playing in the dog food bowls, mixing it all in with the water, and then dumping in on the floor by the handful, and then chucking it across the kitchen....but whatever.....boys will be boys.

This afternoon was Garrin's swim lesson. Here is a picture of James while he is contemplating...."hmmm, yummy pretzel, or a swim lesson in the cold water? I don't know.... a snack or having to wear a wet suit? Sit here and relax or get in the pool and work??? hmmm...." Boys will be boys.

And here is Garrin, early evening, while James is taking a quick little nap, playing nicely on the floor with a MatchBox car.....or is he? Boys will be boys.

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Tutta la Storia said...

How sweet! I love knowing how much fun he has while he stays with you.