Sunday, December 23

The Best Gift Ever

It is now 6:45am, the morning after a very, late night of partying. On the subject of the "best gift ever" - Bill is gone to go hang out at a store to get "it" when they open. Post to explain at a later date. But I know many people who have done this crazy thing to get their kids that "thing" that they want most. So here I sit, with a cup of coffee, squinting at the computer screen....wait...let me get my glasses..............ahhhh, much better, anyhoo - writing a quick post about MY best gift ever.

I always get this feeling, after our Holiday Open House that the holiday is over. It is sometimes disappointing for me to feel this, immediately afterward, because I feel I am short-changing the kids and what this is for them. But then I get over it and within the next few days, get back into the spirit again.

Most of the day's preparation was smooth sailing. I even had time to get Michael to color my hair at 1pm. Bill picked up all the food, and the Starbucks - and we were underway. The type-A in me, was proud of how the house looked, everything in its spot, floors gleaming, couch was clean and looking like new, the kids looked terrific - Garrin with his Grinch shirt, Hannah, a beauty before her time, and my Connor looked rockin'.

Here are a couple of "before" pictures of the house.

Family room tree:

Dining room:


My North Pole Village in the living room:

The mantle:

So onto the party.

Amazing. It was amazing. I love opening our home to our family (that would be C and A and J, because no one else will move out to the desert with us!!!) and friends. I spent part of the night just stepping back and watching everyone, just plain ol' enjoy being together. I love bringing together our family, our "school" friends, our "swim" friends, our neighbors - and see how, when they are all put together -they intermingle - they get to know one another. I love watching everyone enjoy the food I didn't prepare. I love watching people share with everyone, goodies they actually DID prepare. It was a fabulous night all around.

That's the best gift for me - family and friends here with us - eating, drinking, laughing..It is worth every moment of never-ending decorating, hassling with Starbucks 'cause the order wasn't ready when it was supposed to, questioning myself whether or not I had ordered enough food etc. etc. Worth everything we put into it - the reward was everything!

PS Now don't get me wrong - diamonds are lovely, as well as any other form of jewelry, or fuzzy socks, or a new cozy blanket that is just a little bigger than the one I use now, or Photoshop for Dummies book, or a new handbag, or some cool sunglasses, or a new scrapbooking paper cutter......


Jerolyn said...

The party was fabulous! I loved getting to see and visit with you and Bill and Chris and Allison and smooching on James and Garrin (I could dig the whole baby boy thing...but not willing to try for one of my own!!!) Of course I loved seeing Mel and Gene ~ 2 of the nicest people to chat with. Your house was picture perfect and the food Oh so yummy!!! Thanks for a great night. I know what a great feeling it is to have your "people" gathered around your kitchen counter eating and laughing and enjoying themselves! thanks for hosting a great par~TAY~Jer

Tutta la Storia said...

Yeah--it totally rocked. Quite the ruckus. And who was that AWESOME dad that was trying to teach James how to ride that motorized ATV for like an hour?? It was so sweet. He MUST be a swim Dad, because he was like "Ok, James, eyes up when you drive forward, OK?" and James would look at him so earnestly, like "Yes sir . . . I think I've got it." AND your house looked awesome, as usual. AND--anyone thinking about getting Gini a scapbooking paper cutter--get a good, expensive one. The cheaper ones crap out too fast.