Tuesday, December 11



1. tool for cutting: a tool consisting of a flat heavy metal head with a sharpened edge attached to a long handle, used to chop wood or fell trees
2. job loss: an abrupt dismissal from a job ( slang )
3. termination: the termination of something such as a service or series of television programs, usually without prior warning or discussion ( slang )
4. musical instrument: a rock guitar or a jazz saxophone ( slang )



1. question somebody: to communicate with somebody in order to get information
2. make request: to make a request for something
3. invite somebody: to invite somebody to a social event
4. require something: to require somebody to give or contribute something
5. name price: to name an amount as an acceptable price
Phone conversation with XM Satellite Radio representative this morning:
Rep - "Good morning Mrs. Herbst. How are you today?"
Me - "I'm great. How are you doing?"
Rep - "I'm good. Thank you for axing."
What does that mean, exactly?? "Thank you for chopping me up to bits with your flat heavy metal head tool with a sharpened blade used for cutting?.....I'm just saying...


Jerolyn said...

Can I ax ya uh queshun Ms.? Why iz ya answering da phone like dat? Do ya even know what ya iz saying? Do ya realize ya sound mad stupid? Now speak cracker ass english, ya know das right~
ya'll is mad stupid.

Chris said...

LOL Jerolyn....damn neighbors!

Tutta la Storia said...

N I C E. Keep making us look good, ya neighbors. Hey, I LOVE to see images of my neighborHOOD plastered all over the Today Show. THANKS!

Jerolyn said...

Hello ma peeps,
Did I be missin' sumfin about da neighbors? What iz ya jivin' about? w0rd!