Thursday, November 29

wiped out

My two year olds hectic morning -

8:30 - get awakened only because I have to bring my sister and brother to school
9:00 - get back home and eat an ooey-gooey cinnamon roll that my mom is drooling over but is testing her ability to JUST SAY NO.
9:30 - watch a few cartoons, play with trucks, let Lucy in and out
10:00 - help mom prepare home made spaghetti sauce, whine to help her with the onions, and then cry because the fumes have over taken my eyes and nose
11:00 - follow the bug guy around the house with bare feet while he is spraying
11:30 - happily put on my bathing suit and wetsuit for my swim lesson
11:55 - fall asleep just as mom is pulling into the pool parking lot
12:00 - swim lesson
1:30 -


Jerolyn said...

Fo sho!
btw~ just who might have such a tattoo so tastefully done? or as Jen referred to it as "A TRAMP STAMP" haha

Gini said...

hey, hey, easy there - about the tattoo....

Jerolyn said...

about "the" Tattoo???

Allison said...

LOL nice TAT (I'm just jealous) Hey--Garrin looks just like Bill in that pic. BTW I am still recovering from your last post . . .