Thursday, November 8

What to do????

It was about 12:20 this afternoon, when I was driving in my car, just having dropped off Bill, Hannah and Connor at the airport. I had swung by the trophy store and ordered (very late) the trophy's for the Scorpions for next Saturday's end-of-season party. So I glanced at the time and I thought to myself:


The only person I was responsible for was Garrin - for the whole rest of the day.

My first thought was, did I get up extra-early, because it stills seems "early" to me? And then I thought about

1. NOT going home and getting Garrin lunch and maybe a nap.

2. NOT cleaning feverishly for the next hour or so.

3. NOT having to pack up 2 swim bags with towels, suits, caps, goggles, Gatorade and a snack.

4. NOT rushing out the door to get a good parking space at the park near school.

5. NOT having all of 5 minutes to read a little of the book that I only read while I am sitting at the park waiting for the kids.

6. NOT leaving the park as safely as possible as to not hit any students, but get out of there fast enough to get Hannah to the pool.

7. NOT dropping Hannah off at the pool and getting Connor home so he can get his homework done, before he heads down to his swim workout.

8. NOT getting dinner started while Connor works on homework.

9. NOT getting Connor loaded in the car as soon as Bill gets home, and go sit at the pool for an hour and a half watching his workout, while Hannah supposedly does homework, but she's really socializing with her buddies.

10. NOT coming home and eating dinner at 7:30, which by the way, is doing absolutely NOTHING for the size of my butt!

11. NOT riding the kids because they are lolly-gagging and not finishing dinner, so they can finish homework.

WHEW - What's a girl to do in such a situation?????

I went shopping :) :) :) :) :)


Jerolyn said...

hummmm I wonder if I could ship Darin and my two older girls off somewhere...then at the last minute switch tickets with Darin and Ellie?
What to do,
what to do????

Life of a Banana said...

lucky butt