Friday, November 30

rain, rain, go away.....come again another day

It actually rained here today - like...all day....all daaaayyyy long... and I really tried to not be grumpy about know, since our typical average yearly rainfall is 4.13 inches, and Lake Mead is pretty much drying up to nothing, and the water company has imposed very strict watering schedules (which I adhere to methodically) - we could really use the rain, I suppose. So I took this quick shot with my little camera, since all the better photos I took with the big camera don't exist because I didn't have the CF card in it. Damn I hate when that happens.

Oh and in case you needed to see a picture of me while I am driving in the rain:

Oh and also - I found out today that I need glasses. "Keep your eyes on the road, Gini".


Jerolyn said...

GOOD LORD~were you applying eye make up and clipping your toe nails also whilst you were supposed to be keeping your defective eyes on the road? Heaven help us!

Chris said...

Yeah it rained all day and we got like .007 inches of rain. How is that possible?? And...Miss Waterconservationist, didn't you get a LETTER from the water authority about your EXCESSIVE use? HA HA!