Tuesday, November 27


I recently just legally obtained a lawful copy of a legitimate reproduction of Photoshop which I had read on someone else's blog that this is THE software to have to edit photos. Now trust you me, I am by no means a good photographer. Amateur is not even a good word. See definition that follows:

1. somebody doing something for pleasure: somebody who does something for pleasure rather than payment, a competition open only to amateurs

2. unskilled person: somebody with limited skill in, or knowledge of, an activity. Whoever fixed your car must have been an amateur.

Well, maybe #2 is appropriate. Anyway - back on point....

So I have now installed this software with the help of my personal technical support guy. (A big shout out to you - Oyray!!!)(He needs to stay anonymous - you understand). I know I am off point again - but I must say - EVERYONE should have their own personal technical support guy.


So I am just screwing around with this software to see what it does and here is what I came up with so far. Let me know what you think.

Here is a pretty picture of Lucy I took today in the car while we were waiting for Hannah and Connor to get out of school.

A pretty basic and easy black and white conversion of same photo of my sweet Lucy girl.

This is Lucy if she eats a whole bag of chocolates that she has snuck into her crate when I wasn't looking.

And this is Lucy in about 10 more years when she is pretty much on her death bed.

What fun! I can't wait to learn how to really use this thing. My goal is to get a great Christmas Card picture done. We will see.


Allison said...

That is amazing . . . Hmm . .I'll have to open up my own lawfully and legally obtained copy when I get back from my work trip.

Jerolyn said...

That last photo is down right creepy and believe you me I know creepy!!!

Jerolyn said...

p.s. where can I get me a lawful and legal copy?

Gini said...

Let me just say this - You have friends in high places, girl.