Sunday, November 25

The Pea Green House

Parker, Colorado
The Wilson's
Thanksgiving 2007

We flew to Parker to spend Thanksgiving with our friends who high-tailed in out of Vegas about 6 months ago. We were excited to catch up, eat some good food, maybe see a little snow, and see if they are gonna move back here anytime soon.

Here is their pretty house, that MaryBeth so fondly calls the "pea green" house. I like it, actually. This is a picture of some snow they had gotten a couple of weeks ago.

Here we are in the dining room getting ready for our Thanksgiving Feast on the day we flew in.

Hannah got to swim (at altitude) with Makenna's team - the Colorado Stars.

Check out how tiny she looks compared to Makenna's team mates. They are all 11 and 12!! I must say, that Hannah kept up for most of the two hour work out. She only took a couple of "I can't breathe up here" breaks!!!!

On Friday, it was very, very cloudy and foggy. We kept waiting for the snow to roll in, which eventually it did. The kids got all bundled up (in borrowed gear, because we don't own that kind of stuff) and enjoyed the snow that had fallen. Here is Makenna saying - "No,'s gonna be fun!!!!".

Matt wasn't around for the picture above, because he was already dressed and out the door before anyone knew it!!

On Saturday, the girls skipped workout, and instead we drove around checking out Parker and its wildlife.

The weather was clear and sunny and we got a good look at the Rocky Mountains which are all snow covered. There was a ton of deer everywhere. We were also looking for the perfect picture spot to get a family picture for Christmas cards.

Me and my friend.

Bill and Brad posing for their "friend" photo!! Can you tell we had a fun time with them???

Here is my sweet Garrin, experiencing snow, cold, the woods, and a big fluffy coat - for the 1st time.
Love him.

So all in all, Parker was terrific. Not too cold, not too much snow! Still couldn't wear my flip flops, but had a great time talking about all those things you just forget to talk about on the phone, or can't type in an e-mail. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, as we did. How many day's until Christmas now??


Tutta la Storia said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! The kids, the house, the snow, the wildlife . . . really awesome.

Banana the swimmer said...

practice was only 1 and 1 half hours. i am tiny. Call me baby fishy.

Jerolyn said...

Where's Conner's dinner????