Wednesday, November 28

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio

Now it is certainly that time of year when us parents are thinking about what to get the kids for Christmas. I know I like to check out what the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio has to say about what our kids should be playing with. If you have never seen the website, here is the link:

I am obsessively cleaning my bathroom and bedroom this morning, while Garrin is going from room to room playing. While cleaning I am thinking about the fact that my kids have every toy under the sun and am not sure what to get them for Christmas. As I leave my bathroom heading into my bedroom here is Garrin busy playing.

A new whistle, perhaps?

A piece of a Lego building set?

A homemade mini maraca?


It is amazing how kids entertain themselves when you are not looking, isn't it?

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Jerolyn said...

Has he seen his daddy smokin' those too? TOO FUNNNNY