Friday, November 16

I'm Ba...aaack!

So my last post was what? like a week ago? Things have been a bit busy. So I will quickly re-cap - for those of you not a part of the busy-ness of the last bunch of days.

Where do I start?

OK so I last posted about dumping off my 2 kids and Bill at the airport on their way to the NV State Swimming Championships. Well long story short - all went well.........uh, without me.....Everyone survived the wrath of mommy when it comes to swimming. I was not there to pretend I know anything about what they are about to do - and give them advice. Bill was that parent this time. Not sure what, if any, advice he gave our kids but they swam terrific. Connor took time off the two events he had qualified for, and swam his leg of the relay like an old pro. Hannah - took all thirds in her events, except for one fourth (grrrr...) and 2 first places in their relays. The girls actually broke both state records for the relays - that was a huge accomplishment in itself. Over all - BCH won the meet and are the 2007 State Champions. Great job to everyone who worked hard at the meet!!! I will post pictures of the swim meet, on the side bar.

I, myself, took the baby and went to the east coast to throw a hell-uv-a shower for my sister. The weather was actually bearable. I was not nearly as grumpy as when I went to Carson City for the state meet last year - it was frikkin' FREEZING there. But all went well. Got to catch up with some friends and hung out with what little family we have left. Kimmy and Dennis hit the mother-load with stuff for the new baby. All they have to do now is sit back, put up those swollen feet (not YOU Dennis, Kimmy!!!), and wait for Matthew Frances to arrive. I can't post pictures of this trip - because Bill had the camera! Check out Allison's blog to see a couple shots of the visit. (Link to her blog on the right side of mine)

Came home to the same ol' same ol' - kids back in school, swimming, a little 'trowing up' from Hannah, Book Fair volunteering at school, preparations for the last soccer game and soccer party, picking up trophy's and then getting ready for our trip to Colorado the see the Wilson's over Thanksgiving.

Good to be home though. Always is. It's fun to hop on a plane and go somewhere, but it's always great to come home - even to the chaos were happily refer to as Our Lives.

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