Thursday, November 1

A Great Way To End A Busy Day

"Here I am, taking a nice Thomas The Tank Engine Bubbles bubble bath. Relaxing from a busy day of getting up late from my mom and dad's comfy cozy bed, playing with some toys, takin' a ride to have my mom meet with the school principal about some crazy lady my mom doesn't like too much, then go listen to my mom chat with Debbie while I am supposed to be getting ready for my swim lesson, have a fun, giggle filled swim, take my usual power nap after my lesson,

takin' another ride in the car to get my sister and brother from school and get to the pool for Hannah's workout, come home and play some more while mom pretends to make a lasagne, but I really know it is a frozen one from Costco, go back down to the pool and play with trains while I wait for my sister to get out of the pool, stop talking to her friends, get dressed, make mommy carry all of her bags out while she continues to talk to all her friends, go home, eat Costco lasagne and Halloween candy, etc etc. I just want to relax in my bubble bath..........when my brother comes in and wants to get in with me"



Jerolyn said...

TOO CUTE and you know I will be calling to get the 411 on THAT story~

Life of a Banana said...

he's funny!!!!!

Allison said...

he's irresistable