Friday, November 2

Dedicated to Bill

A friend said to me today, that all he reads about on my blog are my kids - what about Bill? Well, here it goes, all you "Bill" fans. What do you need to know about Bill? (Great album above, by the way!!)

Where we met? Lived in the same apartment complex. We used to play walleyball (volleyball in a raquet ball court)

What attracted me to him? His legs

What we have in common? We love Seal, vacationing, the Caribbean, the beach (except for Seal - are you seeing a trend here?), we had the same game plan for our futures when we met.

Favorite color? Blue

Other favorites? Nothing because he just can't decide things like that - there is always something better to like, in his mind.

What he does for a living? I just got this down, guys....The company he works for manufactures industrial grade diamond products. He has been doing this for like 20 years now. He is good at it, and despite all the stress, loves going to work everyday.

What he does for fun? Coaches soccer, gets his hair done - I mean gets a haircut - no, I really mean gets his hair done. (like every 3 weeks), hangs out in the sun by the pool (no, not Whitney Ranch pool), shops (jealous, girls????), watches sports, goes to hockey games with Connor, entertains friends at the house

What he doesn't like to do? Play board games, be THE parent at a swim meet, do puzzles or brain teasers, drive on or near the strip

Some things you would never guess about Bill - He is a freak when it comes to ironing, his hair, his clothes, his shoes, is a great bowler, pool player, breakfast maker, kitchen cleaner-upper.

Things that drive me crazy about him - All his clothes are inside out when he takes them off, he can go in his closet and not have anything to wear, he typically wants the underwear/shorts/shirt/socks/whatever that is in the dirty clothes pile, he irons my clothes WAY better than I do, hates my hair if it is anything but short, always wants a different or can't decide on: a car, house, couch, dog, hotel, rental car.....

What I love about him - How much he loves his crazy, busy, chaotic, hectic, stressful, beautiful life and family - and tells us during moments when we least expect him to.
Love you babe.

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