Monday, November 19

a day like any other day....

or is it?

Today I have decided to make the commitment to stop taking my HRT (hormone replacement therapy). I have been see-sawing about this decision for a couple of weeks now, totally screwing my body up - I am quitting - I am not quitting - I am taking a lower dose - no, I am quitting. Anyhoo. Today I quit - for good. (I feel like a "stop smoking" ad). Why am I quitting? Because I have blamed my sudden, slight but uncomfortable weight gain on the meds. So this means that I am going to have to try to deal with my hot flashes, moodiness ('cause I"M NOT moody EVER), and night sweats on my own. If anyone can relate - whatever I have to encounter to lose a couple of pounds is worth zipping up my jeans without cursing! I am not kidding when I say - A Muffin Top is a Muffin Top no matter what you weigh. A 129 lb person with a muffin top is just as uncomfortable as a 200 lb person with one!! I mean it! And I must say now is a perfect time to try this little experiment of foregoing HRT, because it is fairly cool outside and I can just open every single solitary window in this house to stay cool. That's what cozy blankets are for - Bill, Hannah, Connor, Garrin, and Lucy........
Along with the ease of controlling my hot flashes and night sweats, I have also found a way to make my somewhat short fuse, a bit longer. Both of my kids, tonight, did not follow the usual, steadfast routine I like to stick to regarding getting homework done. But in true effort of handling any moodiness that might occur - I just chilled. On most days - Connor does homework while Hannah is at the pool. Hannah does homework at the pool while Connor is working out. Afterward we go home. Eat dinner and finish remaining homework, which usually consists of 20 minutes of reading for both kids. After that - a little studying and then bed. Tonights new arrangement had Connor playing with a friend after dropping Hannah at the pool. Bringing Connor to the pool and Hannah hanging out with friends. Home to eat dinner. Connor spending - I don't know - 4 or 5 minutes zooming through his math homework. He leaves to go get a new Playstation game at Best Buy with his father. Hannah asks to do her homework in the kitchen which is typically off limits. She is allowed to as I proceed to pretty much walk her through her essay questions. I check over her math, make her correct the ridiculous mistake she made. Meanwhile Connor gets home and I allow then to both lie about their reading homework for the night. Hannah then remembers she has to type a letter to some pen pal she has in Kenya - which I pretty much type for her - because I can just get it done faster. End of homework - No yelling at the kids.

Life is Great.