Thursday, October 4

Two Days in a Row Loving Debbie

Swimming families and non-swimming families: You have got to read this crap!

BEIJING (Oct. 4) - A father tied his 10-year-old daughter's hands and feet and watched her swim in a chilly southern China river for three hours in a task he said Thursday would help the girl achieve her dream of swimming across the English Channel. (Hannah wants to do good at the State Championship, so let's see, we have 6 weeks - I think we'll take a ride out to Lake Mead and ....oh I don't know, tie her hands and feet together like a pig getting ready to be roasted and see what she can do) Huang Li swam like a dolphin, (really? you stupid a$$)sometimes paddling with her bound hands, for two or three kilometers (more than a mile) in the Xiang River on Tuesday, traveling with the current, her father said. "Her swimming skills are perfect (that is just screwed up) and she insisted on doing this(yeah, 'cause she's 10 and can make these kinds of requests)," Huang Daosheng said in a telephone interview. The girl, who lives in the city of Zhangjiajie in Hunan province, got the idea after seeing something similar on a local television program,(What show? Planet Earth, where it is actually DOLPHINS doing the swimming??!!) he said. News photos showed Huang Li, wearing a skirted swimsuit, being picked up out of the water by her father(Guess you have to pick 'em up when there ankles are bound). Her ankles were tied together with string and her hands were bound by a strip of cloth. A newspaper report said the girl was so cold her face had turned blue. "It's not dangerous because, first, her swimming skills are really good(Hannah swims pretty dang good, too you idiot! But Debbie wouldn't have her main set be hand and feet bound-fly) and second, I was swimming with her, staying close to her(Even though you have full use of your arms and legs)," the father said. "I had her when I was 35, so she is my heart. I would never play around with her life(???)." The father, a teacher who enjoys swimming, coaches his daughter and said the family does not have enough money for her to have a better coach(A better coach??? How about a coach that is not frigging insane??). The girl started the sport when she was six and her father said her goal is to one day swim across the English Channel. (Hmmm, I wonder who put that idea in her head).

WE LOVE YOU DEBBIE!!! No, really, we do!


Tutta la Storia said...

Uhh, Hannah, if your Mom comes at you with some rope you better RUN!

Banana said...
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