Tuesday, October 9

Think Think Think

I have those days when I do more thinking that usual. Today is one of those, so I may have to post 2 or 3 or 9 times today. Whatever pops in my head and sticks.

Starting with - Multi-tasking Shmulti-tasking. That's what my kids could say if they could actually 'say' it. How is it that I can get sooo much done in the short span of the morning before the kids get driven to school - and the kids can't? Why does Hannah just stand in the hallway after she turns on her shower? Waiting for hot water, possibly? NO. We have instant hot water in this house. So I am thinking as I pass by her and snidly ask "Why are you not in the shower yet?" as I am glancing into her room - Why can she not just pick up the dirty clothes on her floor, or the papers that are scattered everywhere, or the band-aid wrappers or hair clips or elastics, or posters or get it my point.....while "THE SHOWER IS WARMING UP" that really was warm as soon as she turned it on. And Connor. Can he just be OK that sometimes I am NOT on the same floor of the house he is, and that he will be okay taking a shower, getting dressed, brushing his teeth, putting on his socks and shoes while I am NOT standing directly over to him?? No, he needs to come downstairs buck nekkid to see where I am, and when I will be coming back upstairs. In the time it takes him to go up and down the stairs, he could have done all the above, and tidied up his room and bathroom and possibly the 17 playstation games that are strewn about the game room. NOOOO.


Secondly. How, when there are 5 or 6 cars, moving at a snail's pace (15 mph) through a school zone, does the ONE GUY that is doing about 55 through that area and passing all of us, not WONDER WHY WE ARE ALL GOING SO STINKING SLOW???? Granted, I gun it, as soon as I see the 35 mph speed limit sign....


Chris said...

Alrighty, now you're officially COMPLAINING!!! HA HA!

Banana said...

what uncle chris said!!!