Tuesday, October 16


1. gum wrappers in nooks where I didn't know there were nooks

2. spilled smoothies and spilled sodas in the third row cup holders

3. containers from said drinks on floor under 2nd row seat

4. coloring books

5. trains

6. pen from nintendo DS

7. 42 hair clips/hair elastics - which is why Hannah never has them upstairs in her bathroom

8. leftover hot pockets/bagels/oatmeal from breakfast on way to swim meet

9. plates

10. binkies

11. railroad track

12. dvd's getting all scratched

13. cd's getting all scratched

14. underwear

15. sock

16. snorkel

17. pencil

18. used wet-ones (okay, that might be mine)

19. spilled coffee (okay, that is definitely mine)

20. snout prints on all windows from Lucy

21. used kleenex

22. enough crumbs, that if I ran away to Connecticut with the Escalade leaving a trail, the kids could still find me.
23. receipts from McDonalds, Toys R'Us, Target, Borders, WAMU, Dairy Queen, and Starbucks


Life of a Banana said...

what what what what what!!??

Jerolyn said...

Hey have your kids been riding in my car? Oh ya that would be my little piglets!

Chris said...

Take it to Freddy's...they'll clean 'er right up.