Wednesday, October 24

An Open Letter To My Beautiful Daughter

No, no...let me re-phrase.....I Am Putting This In Print Because I Am Sick Of Repeating Myself!

Dear Hannah -

You have written on my blog that I never write about you, so I am dedicating a whole entire post to you, my sweet girl. Let us back up to 4:05 this afternoon, when I get a call from you from the pool.

You have a headache.
Can I come and get you?

Now mind you, I just pulled into the garage after the 20 minute drive from the pool.

Did you NOT have the headache when you got out of school? Did you NOT have the headache when you got to the pool? Did you NOT have the headache when you walked onto the pool deck? How about when you put your bags down? Or when you got undressed to hop in? Or were you just waiting for me to get ALL THE WAY HOME, before you called me?

Anyhoo - Here it is, my pretty:

You get headaches. The reason you get headaches is because you are dehydrated. In case you haven't had that as a vocabulary word, here you go:

"experiencing fluid loss: lacking water in the body, as the result of loss of bodily fluids or from being deprived of liquid".

Ok, so what does this mean for you, my love? It means, you are an athlete, your body NEEDS hydration more often than most people, and if you don't hydrate you get a stinking MIGRAINE.

See copied information below that is readily available for you to read on the internet instead of reading everyones blog - I've highlighted it in pretty BLUE to help you think of WATER.

Sports Nutrition For Young Adults: Hydration

Proper nutrition is fundamental to fitness and performance. Although many athletes carefully regulate their diet, they may pay little attention to their body's fluid needs. They often misunderstand and, as a result, underplay the importance of water to good nutrition.

The Effects Of Dehydration
Dehydration is a net loss of water and fluids from the body, caused by an imbalance in the body's supply and demand. The first symptom of dehydration is fatigue. Other early symptoms of dehydration include:
- thirst
- headache
- dry or "cotton" mouth
- dizziness or lightheadedness
- weakness
- rapid heartbeat
- dry, flushed skin
- muscle cramps

Continuing on: State is in less than three weeks and Debbie needs you to just cut the crap, get in the water, bust your butt, work hard, so that way you can kick some a$$ at the meet. OK??

And just to prove to all my friends how much my kids, really do listen to me - when I picked Connor up tonight from his workout, his water was in his net bag with about 4 sips taken out of it. Way to go, Connor! You put that water bottle right on the pool deck like I told you this afternoon.

So, in closing, baby, I love you. But you have to know I am so sick and tired of repeating this same shpeel over and over and over again. Drink your water. Drink as much during the day as possible, I don't care if you need to pee 12 times a day. DO IT. Your class is selling water for crying out loud!! Make sure your Gatorade comes OUT of your bag during workout. DRINK DRINK DRINK. No more headaches.

Debbie, you can thank me later.

Love you always - your mother


Jerolyn said...

I think I need to pee now just reading that~
p.s. note the time of this comment. It's true people I CAN GET UP BEFORE THE SUN!!

Life of a Banana said...

I ment something that doesn't make my sad or at least upset!

Sad Little Hannah

SwimMomTrishA said...

OMG - can we print and post at the pool ?? Riddle me this batwoman . . . what if they have to pee during practice ?? Any help here Gini !!! :-)

One of the best posts so far !!!

Sorry Miss Hannah, you know I adore you !!!