Thursday, October 18

A Means To An End

An idiom that means:

something that you are not interested in but that you do because it will help you to achieve something else.

Which brings us to todays swim lesson:

Garrin's counterpart, Isabella, cried more than he did today, so I call that "a good day".
We will have another swim team member before you know it!


Allison said...

I'll go swimming with Debbie if I get a lollipop, too!

Jerolyn said...

Helloooo she's dunkin' em under what do ya expect! haha Good job Garrin!

Chris said...

great another swimmer. maybe you should buy a house closer to the pool, like next door.

Jerolyn said...

I Tag you to tell the world 8 wierd things about you...(Besides me being your friend haha)

Jerolyn said...
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