Friday, October 26

Letting Go

This is how I feel lately, about my general relationship with my daughter. If it is not one thing we are butting heads about, it is another.

There used to be a day where I could say something to her, and it wouldn't necessarily be "Ok, Mom", but it wouldn't be "NO", or "I don't want it that way", or "I don't like that" or "I want to do it myself" or whatever. But lately that it how it is. She's 10 going on 16 and it sucks.

Take last night:

My ultimate scenario - Hannah and Connor are both getting ready to go to a Halloween Party. Connor puts his costume on super quick. Hannah gets ready to have me help her put her "look" together. She is some goth, skull zombie girl thing. I flat iron her hair, apply the makeup, help her get dressed, spray some red crap in her hair - and they are off.

Reality - Hannah and Connor are both getting ready to go to a Halloween Party. We are rushed because Hannah just got home from workout, her hair is full of chlorine and is soaking wet. She decides that she needs to eat and lolly-gags with eating for oh, about 30 minutes. Now the party has started. Connor, on the other hand, puts on his costume super quick. (See - My Ultimate Scenario above!) Now Hannah is blowdrying her chlorine hair. As she dresses, she complains about the legging thingy's that are a part of her costume, and low and behold one of the straps on them mysteriously breaks. Now the arguing begins. I get out the scissors, she screams, thinking I am going to meticulously cut her costume into shreds, but really, I just cut off the strap. Now we start flat ironing. I guess I am to do only the bangs, where as I want to do the whole head. She wriggles - I burn her ear. More screaming, and more fighting. Now it is make-up time. Fake eyelashes, no fake eyelashes, no wait - do them, no never mind - don't do them. She decides to do them. We pull them off about 1 minute later. Eyeshadow is going onto places it shouldn't, according to Hannah. Doesn't like the mole I dotted on. Wants the word RIP written on her face, but she wants it under her hair, I want it on her cheek. More yelling. Connor is just sitting and watching. So now we go outside to spray paint her hair. And I am ecstatic because this I DO right. Yippee. Now the kids are about 45 minutes late for the party. I am pissed off. Connor is still just sitting there and Hannah wants to kill me and go live with another family.

Happy Party!!! From today forward, I am letting the reigns go a little bit, for my own sanity.


Jerolyn said...

our motto'
Let the screaming ensue!

Tutta la Storia said...

I'm all for SMACKING--yes, Hannah, this is your Auntie Allison speaking. HA HA

Banana said...

still not happy or laughing at all

Jerolyn said...

P.s. cute team work photo~love it. And I am laughing at the comment banana left especially the AT ALL!
SOOOOO been there every day.