Thursday, October 25

I Call It A Good Day

Garrin decided that he would power nap before the strenuous swim lesson he was going to have to endure today. How frickin cute is his new Body Glove wet suit? Debbie said the water is a little chilly for the babies, so anything to make him like swimming more at this point, I am ALL OVER IT!

Here is Garrin waiting for Isabella to finish her turn. He is actually sitting on the step like a good boy. A couple of weeks ago, he saw that as an opportunity to escape!
Here he is drinking the pool water...I mean going under with Debbie.

And wait...what is that???...he is smiling and giggling and laughing....What did it take? About 4 weeks. Not bad.

We are finally on the upswing....knock on wood.


Banana said...

how dang cute!!! LoL!!!

Jerolyn said...

I love the photo of Garrin on the stairs~SO CUTE