Monday, October 1

Hello??? Uh, hello??? Can you hear me?

So, I was having a conversation with a friend of mine the other day - about my post regarding finding Hannah's fake nails in the lint holder of the dryer, and she mentioned her all time favorite thing to find either in the washer or the dryer - Chap Stick. You know - how all that greeezy goo gets on and stains all the clean clothes! I made her laugh saying that just recently I found not one but five Assorted Flavor Lip Smackers that had just gotten washed in a pair of Hannahs shorts. You know which ones I am talking about - the ones with the flavors that sound so very yummy when you are at Walmart with your 10 year old who is begging for everything "cosmetic" at this age. A&W Root Beer, Tootsie Roll, Jolly Rancher, Coca-Cola etc etc. Fortunately for me, they all fell out of the pocket into the washer, so not one of them made it to the dryer - good thing for Hannah's sake.

Well guess what wound up in the dryer today?

Hmmm......looks just like Connor's cell phone. Yup, that's EXACTLY what it is. And you guessed it - BUSTED.

So what are my options here? There truly is only one.

Let's say my family (I will exclude myself here) is 4 (no, let's exclude Garrin here, he's only two, and can't even get his hands in his pockets) OK, so 3 people. Let's say for s$%t's and giggles, I do laundry once a week. On average, the 3 of them wear 2 outfits per day times 7 days times 4 pockets per outfit = 168 pockets.

On Monday morning, I will get up and start checking pockets.
I will NOT - take a shower, get dressed, makeup and hair, bring up 2 coffees, iron 3 sets of clothes, mine, Hannah's and Connors, get kids up, go down and make breakfast, make lunches, sign agenda's, ask Connor why he didn't get a head start on his spelling for this week, get kids back upstairs to shower, brush teeth, do hair, get dressed, get Garrin up showered, dressed, get back downstairs just in time to drive to school.
They can just take the bus. Toot Toot.


Jerolyn said...

For this very reason my children do not own cell phones.
I'm constantly saying "NO what if you forget and leave it in your pocket and it runs through the washing machine and the person on the other end thinks someone is drowning?"

Tutta la Storia said...

Since the cell phone that we gave James to play with is from Chris' old bag phone (OMG, do you remember those??!!) is so HUGE, he can't get it in his pocket, thus I won't find it in the washer. LOL