Wednesday, October 31

Why Don't Witches Like To Ride Their Brooms When They Are Angry?

They are afraid of flying off the handle.

A friend of mine e-mailed me today, to ask me if I was riding around on my broom, because I am such a b$tch - I mean, witch. But I said I wasn't riding on my broom, because as another good friend pointed out, I had on my campaigning outfit today - since I am running a "Gini Campaign". ....LONG STORY that I am NOT getting into on my blog......right now, anyway......The kids looked awesome tonight, but I have to say FOOTBALL ROCKS. Sorry Hannah, sorry Connor, but Garrin looked so freakin' cute tonight.

Picture proof:


Tutta la Storia said...

The kids looked great! OMG Garrin is adorable. Are you running for office?

Jerolyn said...

Didn't you hear Allison? She already WON! We are getting her a sash!

Tutta la Storia said...

What the heck are u talking about??? I'm TOTALLY confused la la la