Wednesday, October 3

Exaltation of Coach Debbie


It is 2 in the afternoon and I am able to blog right now, because my beautiful almost 2 year old is asleep. Now mind you, he very rarely takes a nap anymore. So what prompted todays nap, you may wonder. Well, today, Garrin started back swimming with Coach Debbie - Hannah's coach. He pretty much screamed from the second we walked onto the pool deck until he got out of the water. And now he is exhausted.

So, praises to Coach Debbie. Garrin likes Debbie. Sees her all the time at the pool. Loves being in the pool. Spent all summer in ours. Swam with Debbie before. He knows who she is and what she does.

So who the heck knows. All I know is I had to pin myself down in my seat to NOT get up and get Garrin up and out of the pool. Many of the swim parents know that I will (and have) take my kid right out of there. I don't go for wasting someones time and money, because my kid doesn't want to cooperate. But Debbie wouldn't have that today. She not only had Garrin, but also a much better behaved little girl named Isabelle. So there I sat for about 40 minutes while Garrin screammed MaMa and pointed at me, until I moved further down the pool, so he couldn't see me. The only time he was quiet, was when he had to monkey crawl down the side of the pool - only because he thought he could get out each and every time!

So many, many thanks to Debbie for taking on this challenge. Next week I will remember to bring my camera, so I can document the experience, properly. For now - here are a couple of Grumpy Garrin moments.


Tutta la Storia said...

Aaaahhhh . . HELLO!!! Anyone wanna tell me that my hair color is WAY OVER FREAKING DUE???? I am sure that is what he is saying to himself while looking at me with that sourpuss face on the slide! LOL

Jerolyn said...

Hey that's the exact same look I had on my face tonight practicing Maggies spelling words!~wierd~ Probably because according to Maggie we live in.

A M E R I~K~A!