Tuesday, October 2

Decimals vs. Reality

Tonights homework, for Hannah, consisted of rounding decimals to whole numbers. So in explaining in "kid" language, how to visualize decimals, we used money and measurement. So when looking at the number 12.748, I tried to have her think of 12 dollars and 74 cents. Or when seeing 8.63 - a little more than 8 and a half inches.

So the assignment was to take 2 decimals and round them to a whole number and then add them or subtract them and then do this crazy "magic square" thing-a-ma-jigger with the numbers to have all horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines equal the same number - yadda yadda yadda.

Decimals - well I was perfectly confident in my explanation to her - until I started second guessing myself, which I do often when it comes to math - so I did the next best thing. Called my brother. He verified my thinking and then I did the 2nd best thing and googled it just to be extra positive. Which that pretty muched cinched it. Homework is done and is all correct.

So, this brings me to now. I was busy doing one of my favorite things which is steam-cleaning my tile. It's about 45 minutes of just "me" time where I can doing nothing but think, as I rock back and forth, back and forth. Anyhoo, I am thinking about decimals as I am cleaning. What the hell do we need to know how to round decimals to a whole number for?

Let's say I am at Target and the total is $20.43. That rounds to the whole number $20. Is there ever an instance where I can just give the lady 20 bucks and be done with it? NO.

Say I need to buy some fabric to make a Halloween costume and I need 63.42 inches. If I round that to the whole number - I won't have enough fabric for the costume that was for Hannah, so now it will have to be for Connor. See what I am saying?

I need to get a mortgage from Wells Fargo for $669,999.29. Do ya' think their gonna just forget about the 29 cents? NO

Let's teach these kids about what is really going to happen when they use these concepts when they get older. Always round UP.

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