Saturday, October 27

Change of Plans

Dang, he looks all "puffed up" in those pictures, doesn't he? Well he should because this was Connor's first "sanctioned" meet (which means he gets to 'keep' the times he gets now that he is a USA Swimmer), and he swam two State Meet qualifying times. RIGHT ON CONNOR. So this means that he will be traveling with my SuperFly Hannah to Carson City in a couple of weeks. Sorry Auntie Kimmy and Uncle Dennis!!!
Speaking of my SuperFly - Hannah just swam her first SCSRT time (Southern California Swimming Reportable Time) in her 100 Breaststroke by cutting 3 seconds today!!!!!! Tomorrow she is going to try for the SCSRT in her 100 IM.
My Superstars!


Life of a Banana said...

those are good pictures!!!

Jerolyn said...

whoooo hoooooo! Congrats Hannah and Conner. Great job!

Life of a Banana said...

SCSRT iz Sothern Cal. swimming Record time!!!

Allison said...

You go, Con-man. Way to go, banana.