Friday, September 28

The Swim-A-Thon

Or let me re-title this: Things I Make My Kids Do That I Would NEVER Do. For those non-swim families that read this a quick re-cap. Our swim-a-thon is our yearly fundraiser. The kids swim 200 laps which calculates to 5000 yards or for 2 straight hours, whichever comes first. Hold on, let me get a drink of water - I am out of breath. Anyway. For those that didn't understand my poll question about Connor - let me tell you what happened 2 years ago.

Hannah had been swimming with the team for a little less than a year, and we had just changed coaches, when it was fundraising time. Hannah got in swam, got out, cried, got in swam, got a drink, cried, got out, cried, got back on and so forth. Well, lets just say she got to lap number 99, got out of the pool and didn't get back in. She wouldn't, even upon my INSISTENCE, swim the last stinking 25 yards to make it an even 100. She came over to me and told me she threw up in her mouth. Last year she swam the 200 laps without incident in under 2 hours.

Which brings us to tonight. Connor has been swimming for about 2 months. We anticipated he would follow in his sister's footsteps and ..............throw up in his mouth within, let's say, the first ten laps. But my beautiful boy - who obviously has a bit of competitiveness in him - blew Hannah's original swim away and swam 108 laps - and was darn proud of himself afterward. Right on! Connor!

So Hannah - well, she swam an amazing straight 1 hour 5 minutes. And like the crazy kid she is, gets out of the water smiling. She had fun doing it!!!!!!!

So to all my friends that were there and heard me yelling -

1. Faster Hannah, faster.....or

2. Pick it up Hannah.....or

3. Pass him, Hannah, pass him....or

4. Kick, Hannah, Kick.......or

5. You look like you're sleeping in there, Hannah.....or

6. No breathing after the flags, Hannah.........or

7. Catch up to Carter, Hannah.....

I was only kidding. No really, I was only kidding.

Garrin and James, my nephew, got to watch the kids. My apologizes to the Multi-Gen clean up crew for all the french fries everywhere - but when you need to keep 2 babies busy, there's nothing like McDonalds!


Tutta la Storia said...

I love the pic of my little pre-school politician nephew and my son. Congrats to Connor and Hannah on all the laps . . .I am tired just reading about it!

Chris said...

There was so leftover McDonalds in my DNA when James was conceived, that's where he gets it from.

Chris said...

some, that is