Saturday, September 29

Stung by The Scorpions!!

Connor's soccer team, The Scorpions, played another winning game today. They are undefeated 3 seasons now and are going for their 4th - NO PRESSURE Coach Bill. (Love you babe!) Chris, Allison and James came today to cheer on Connor and his teammates. Hannah and her friend Melanie were there too. What? No pictures of Hannah - oh yeah, that's right. She ran off to hang out with another friend of hers that was there. Thanks Hannah, for being a loving and supporting sister, and cheering on your brother, who in the past two years has attended numerous swim meets, starting at the crack of dawn, mind you, and staying there completely bored out his brain for four straight hours, 2 days in a row, or sometimes 3 and even traveling to California with you, to hold you up high on the Swimming Champion Pedestal he has built for you...........but whatever. I know Solomon was there whom you saw last night for 2 hours and is going to see today for another 2 hours and will see next week starting Monday for the next 6 days, 2 hours each day. You go hang with him.
Thank you to the Shires for checking out our team. Thank you Scott for keeping me in check with the crappy referee we had today. No one would have like to have read the headline in the RJ "Henderson Mom goes ape-s#$t on incompetent ref".
Back to what is important. The Scorpions Rock!!

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"It's the LITTLE crease!!!" No its not. "YES IT IS YOU IDIOT!"