Monday, September 24


Ok. So between something funny that happened this weekend and what happened today, I have made this commitment, like so many, to start a blog. I will start with this past weekend. We had our nephew James over for a sleepover on Saturday night and with James came his two dogs - Gino and Rocco. Now Gino and Rocco have an afinity for my (FEMALE) dog Lucy. As I am playing with James and Garrin and taking cute photos, I look over at the dogs, and..................... Gino is not allowed to sleep over anymore!

OK - now for #2. Let's label this story - Craigslist Sucks.

Now my brother and his wife are big "craigslisters" and could realistically sell James' dirty diapers on there, for a pretty penny. Bill and I on the other hand, have offered up some lovely things, like a crib, crib bedding, some rugs, this, that and the other things, that no one seems to want. So long story short, I need the windows washed at the house, and found someone on Craigslist. He e-mailed me $135 for in AND out, so I called today, to say come on over. He sent his assistant and funny that he was called the "ass-istant" because when I opened the front door he had his hand down the back of his pants, scratching his a@#!!!!! While chomping on the biggest freakin piece of gum I have ever seen, he told me he was going to re-count the windows, because the price was based on the number of "panes". After counting, he came back to the door SMOKING A CIGARETTE, and started to tell me the "new" price, where I interjected and said "I am getting scammed here, so I am cancelling you. BUH BYE".

My windows are still dirty.


Tutta la Storia said...

Nice job! You'll be addicted soon enough, I PROMISE!!

Chris said...

I hope you keep blogging because it's hilarious. It makes me crack up....


Jerolyn said...

Welcome to Blog Land! Thank you for feeding my addiction Buh Bye!

Denise said...

The picture of the dogs humping made me laugh out loud! Keep blogging because you are HYSTERICAL. Buh Bye.

Banana said...

Nice mama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!