Tuesday, September 25

I am all about time management

So Garrin stumbles across a drawer this morning, that is filled with VCR tapes. Thomas the Tank Engines tapes, in particular. Now why I have saved these tapes, I don't know, since I tend to throw everything out. Nostalgia, maybe........but none-the-less - Garrin is in "Train Heaven" when he sees them, so he picks one and I go to put it in the VCR, that I have also kept and not thrown out yet. I look at the tape and say "crap, I gotta rewind this thing" - I don't have the 27 seconds, this morning, that its gonna take to get this thing back to the beginning, dammit.

Now I know why DVD's came along. (sigh...)

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Jerolyn said...

I laughed at your laundry, laundry, laundry. I change the title to my blog often and it used to be called

Lord of the Laundry box set trilogy
The Sorting of the Laundry
The Three Piles
The Return of the Laundry!!!