Tuesday, September 25

E = mc2

".........Mathematics are well and good but nature keeps dragging us around by the nose." ~Albert Einstein

Now that I am in my 42nd year of life, I am more aware of the importance of staying "sharp", so to speak. As I check over Hannah's math homework, of which I have found I need a refresher course in, I have made a commitment to stave off the prospects of early Alzheimers.

So today, I did some math.

-I got 8 catalogs in the mail, threw out 7 = 1 catalog to find Halloween costumes

-Thomas video played 12 times, Cars movie played 0 times = 12 times we watched Thomas

-Emptied Hannah's hamper of 15 dirty items, 7 additional items were still folded and clean = 22 items had to wash 'cause they all smell now

-Turned right-side in before washing 24 Hannah socks, 14 Connor socks, 18 Bill socks = 56 socks

-56 socks, divided by 2 = 28 pairs of dirty socks

-Garrin threw 12 rocks in the pool, scooped out 12 before the pool guy gets here tomorrow = 0 rocks left in the pool

-7 of Hannah's fake nails, 3 of Hannah's earrings in lint holder in dryer = 10 items with lint ball

-10 curse words, times 7 trips by Connor's dirty, filthy bedroom = 70 curse words spoken out loud in front of Garrin because he doesn't know what I am saying yet

-3 wet towels from Friday swim meet in hamper, 4 wet towels from Saturday swim meet on floor, 4 wet towels from Sunday swim meet still in Nike bag = 11 wet towels

-17 steps on staircase, walked up them 13 times today, walked down them 13 times today = 442 steps taken, and still look at the size of my butt
It's been a long, but learning filled day........(whew!)


Jerolyn said...

I have found that "mandatory" exercise does not burn calories for some reason...wierd. Loved this post, made me laugh. If I were to add up the number of minutes I spend on this stupid computer it would equal=LOSER!haha

Jerolyn said...

P.S. I read your favorite things to do while the kids are at school on your sidebar and...