Wednesday, September 26

Child Experiment in Two Parts

Garrin is hitting the tantrum filled era of the "Terrible 23 Months, 17 Days". He didn't want to wait until October 13th, when he is actually 2. Git-R-Done Early and maybe three will be a nice year. Now, these tantrums are about the best I have ever seen. Throws himself face down on the ground, screaming his fool head off. Gets in and stays in the stroller now for about 7 seconds, before lurching himself forward and dragging his feet on the ground, screaming, so if I keep pushing he will fall underneath it. He wakes up grumpy, doesn't want to eat. When we put food in front of him, he pushes it away. When we put a glass of milk in front of him, he spills it on purpose. All of this with a MAJOR attitude.

So to the experiments.

One of my favorite things to do, when Garrin is in this frame of mind, is to load him in the car, into his car seat. You can picture it - arching back, screaming so loud the neighbors think I am beating him, kicking........If I never had to drive somewhere for the next year or so, it would be great, but that is not gonna happen so here is how we handle this now.

"Garrin, Get in the car" "Come on Garrin, let's get in the car" "Garrin" "Garrin get in the car...NOW" "Let's go Garrin" "OK fine. I am leaving" Like he cares - at this point.

So while he is standing there defiantly staring at me, ready to rip if I pick him up, I get in the car, start it, and say bye bye. I click the car into reverse...........and as soon as he hears that - he's ready to get loaded.

Now part one of the experiment happened without my planning it. For those who don't know - Garrin is speech delayed and is currently working with a speech therapist. Well, guess what? He can say "MA MA" and actually be directing it at me. Sure, when he thinks I am going to leave him at home, then he talks. Well, he crys when he says it and runs over to me.

And here is where the experiment is still on-going. How many times will it take for me to "pretend to leave" before he justs gets in the frickin car when it is time to go? Three times so far. I'll keep you posted.

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Chris said...

Isn't he old enough to stay home alone? LOL! Maybe he can babysit James soon!