Friday, February 24

whoo hoo!

**above written in "Sarcastic" font.

Thursday, February 23


Here is an open letter to my friends -
my fellow swim parents.

Dear Parents.

I just wanted to give a shout out to all of you who have
unknowingly supplied our household with numerous,
mulit-colored swim towels.  We have accumulated quite a stash of
towels that I did not myself purchase.  And I will tell you.  With two kids 
prospectively swimming doubles on some days - that is a LOT of swim
towels we need to have on hand.  Because I am not washing enough
already, I get to add all of yours to the mix.  But it's all good.
There is always an available, strange towel to throw in the swim bag,
thanks to you.

Oh.  And a quick shout out to the (what will remain unnamed) Health Club
where our swimmers have grown accustomed to "borrowing" their towels.
I am now the proud owner of more white towels that I can keep up with
folding.  I personally, do NOT buy white towels so I know for a fact
that these are surely gifts from you - even though you have yet to catch
on some security camera somewhere in your facility, that my kids (among others
I am sure) are swiping  borrowing your towels.  White or not, a towel
is a towel, when you get out of a 2 hour practice, I suppose.  So thank you.

And I just wanted to say you are WELCOME.  All of you that are now
the proud owners of OUR towels.  Mind you, they are our NEW towels.
But how would you know that?  Just because they are thick and fluffy, and
still bright colored and pretty.  How is it that our shitty towels that we have
had just about forever, still make it back to my house?  Not my good ones?
Oh well.  Enjoy.

See you at the next swim meet with your towel wrapped around one of my kids.

Have a good day.  Happy Laundry.


Friday, February 17

I love thith kid

Not only ith my Garrin tho thweet.
He ith funny.
He ith thmart.
He loveth uth like crazy.
He ith alwayth happy.
And he has no teeth right now.
Looks like he will be lisping for quite some time.

Thursday, February 16


Living in our house sometimes is almost like Disneyland.
Pixie Hollow to be exact.

So let's take a look at the definition of FAIRY:
1. A tiny imaginary being in human form, depicted as clever, mischievous, and possessing magical powers.
  Wallpapers Tinker Bell Pixie Hollow Disney Fairies Online Forums P Oplog View File 204209 800x600
I don't know about in your house,
but we don't just have the Tooth Fairy around here.

We have the 
homework fairy,
sock fairy,
book fairy,
sneaker fairy,
parka fairy,
debit card fairy,
purse fairy,
sweatshirt fairy,
goggle fairy,
water jug fairy,
and the
zip drive fairy.
Those little rascals come in and take
my kids things, and put them somewhere other than
where my kids "claimed" they put them.
My kids don't just "claim" they put them somewhere,
they actually argue the point.
For like - an hour.

But who can argue - when little fairies magically come in
and take your shit??  Really.

I do find it kind of interesting however, that the
XBox fairy
and the 
iPhone fairy
and the 
Junk Food fairy
have not made their way here.

Wednesday, February 15

the day AFTER Valentine's

Love was truly in the air yesterday.
Look at these beautiful roses that are sitting on my counter.

I love flowers.
Hell - I was a florist so of course I love flowers.
Still today I so love them.
Nothing like a fresh cut bunch.
Makes me smile.

Except though....
these are not my roses.
Bill did not buy these for me.
My kids did not buy these for me.

These are Hannah's.






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